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After 8 years honing our expertise in the industry, Podiatry Africa decided it was time to offer people something a little different, service that puts you at the heart of everything we do, that listens and is dedicated to offering every single patient the highest level of podiatric care.

We are constantly updating our skills and experience, looking into new research and finding new ways to treat issues without causing pain.

So whether you’ve just noticed an issue or something has been niggling for months, simply pay us a visit at the clinic. Nothing can shock us, we’ve seen it all. You will always receive a warm welcome and a professional diagnosis from us.


We are experts in our field

Mohammed Zaid Kadwa Podiatrist Gaborone

Mohammed Zaid Kadwa

Podiatrist Gaborone

Mohammed Zaid is the only BHPC registered Podiatrist practicing in Botswana.

As a devout family man, my interests extend to that of family health as I have served at the Rahima Moosa mother and child hospital. Passionate about the patients I serve and the health of their feet, I have a specific interest in Diabetic foot care and can be of great service to these sufferers.

Something about me

I am a hard working, conscientious individual who loves to fish, but one who also places the care of his patients as a high order of priority. My personal strengths of excellent communication, working well under pressure and a willingness to investigate ever changing medical practices, all assist in my practice and personal relationships with my patients.

What makes me different?

My passion for Diabetic foot care saw me extending my studies beyond a standard B-Tech degree from the University of Johannesburg, to obtain a Post Graduate Diploma in Diabetes from the University of Wales in 2016! As an expert in this field, I do online tutoring for the University of Wales.

My professional strengths of problem solving and ability to work well with other members of my profession, mean that I take an holistic approach and a personal interest in the diagnosis, treatment, pain management and recovery of every individual case.

Podiatry Africa

At Podiatry Africa, we offer expert foot care services in Johannesburg and Botswana. Our services include diabetic foot treatment, fungal foot infection treatment, painful feet treatment, custom orthotics, physical therapy, and medication management.

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